Live Webcam Women may receive commisions for promoting 3rd party web cam feed providers such as Streamate and as an affiliate we sometimes use material from them and other providers with their permission.
Regardless of allowing our providers permission, you may wish not to extend that permission and for Live Webcam Women to not promote your profiles, images etc and want them removed from our services and that can easiy be done with no charge with a simple removal / dmca (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) request, sometimes known as a take down notice.
A DMCA Takedown Notice, like any removal request, are honoured without exception and take a firm priority over all support requests. To submit a takedown notice, then please directly send an email to preferably with the screen name of the model containing the material you would like removed. Including a copy of the link to the actual page and a little information about what material (i.e. which image), can speed up the process and ensure a speedy and accurate removal.

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